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Flutter MobilePay payment

A Flutter plugin for integrating Scandinavian payment provider MobilePay.

Only Android support for now.


Install the package by adding the line flutter_mobilepay_payment: ^0.1.0 to pubspec.yaml and run flutter packages get.

Import it in main.dart;

import 'package:flutter_mobilepay_payment/flutter_mobilepay_payment.dart';

and once in your app, initialize a AppSwitchPayment instance:

void main() => runApp(MyApp());

class MyApp extends StatefulWidget {
  static AppSwitchPayment _mobilePay = AppSwitchPayment(
      "APPDK0000000000", Country.Denmark,
      captureType: CaptureType.Reserve);

  _MyAppState createState() => _MyAppState(_mobilePay);

Then do a payment like this:

final payment = await"86715c57-8840-4a6f-af5f-07ee89107ece", 10.0);

If payment is null, that means that the payment was cancelled, i.e. the user backed out. If an error occurs, an exception will be thrown with the corresponding error code. Otherwise, the payment object will contain the paid amount and the transaction ID.

At this point you would want to process the payment, e.g. by sending the order ID and transaction ID to your backend. When the process completes succesfully, call

await payment.complete();

If the app fails to process the payment, or even if it crashes after returning from AppSwitch, the uncompleted payment will be accessible through

final payment = await incompletePayment();

You should check for that when your app starts, and if it is non-null, resume the app in the state where it is processing the payment.


The plugin has MobilePay AppSwitch SDK v. 1.8.1 built in. See here if it's the latest one.


Q: I got a lovely java.lang.AbstractMethodError (no error message) from gradle after installing the package. A: That's been seen when using Kotlin 1.2.50, and it was fixed by upgrading to 1.2.60.


For help getting started with Flutter, view our online documentation.

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