Flutter_mimc v 0.1.0

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thank@Xiaomi MIMC team's contribution

Make IM easy


  • Single chat
  • Ordinary group chat
  • Infinite group chat
  • Live stream(Not yet implemented)

Use needs

useflutter_mimc,It is recommended to read firstXiaomi instant message cloud official document, This helps you to use flutter_mimc

Install flutter_mimc


pubspec.yaml Add the following dependency to the file:

  flutter_mimc: ^${latestVersion}


Use flutter_mimc Before, need to perform initialization:

    import 'package:flutter_mimc/flutter_mimc.dart';

     // The first(String generated by server authentication)recommend
     String tokenString = http.get(); // '{"code":200,"message":"success","data":{}}';
     FlutterMimc flutterMimc1 =  FlutterMimc.stringTokenInit(
          debug: true,
     // The Second(Write sensitive data on the client)
      FlutterMimc flutterMimc2 = FlutterMimc.init(
           debug: true,
           appId: "xxxxxxxx",
           appKey: "xxxxxxxx",
           appSecret: "xxxxxxxx",
           appAccount: "xxxxxxxx"

Message body

flutter_mimc Provide MIMCMessage model class

     MIMCMessage message = MIMCMessage();
     message.bizType = "bizType";      // Message type (developer custom)
     message.toAccount = "";           // Recipient account number (send single chat leave null)
     message.topicId = "";             // Specify the group ID to send (null when sending group chat)
     message.payload = "";             // Developer custom message body
     // Custom message body And Base64 encoding
     Map<String, dynamic> payloadMap = {
       "from_account": appAccount,
       "to_account": id,
       "biz_type": "text",
       "version": "0",
       "timestamp": DateTime.now().millisecondsSinceEpoch,
       "read": 0,
       "transfer_account": 0,
       "payload": content
     // base64 Handling custom messages
     message.payload = base64Encode(utf8.encode(json.encode(payloadMap)));
     // Send a single chat
     var pid = await flutterMimc.sendMessage(message);
     // Send a normal group chat
     var gid = await flutterMimc.sendGroupMsg(message);
     // Send unlimited group chat
     var gid = flutterMimc.sendGroupMsg(message, isUnlimitedGroup: true);


1.There may be some http api that does not implement the interface. Please first obtain the token through flutter_mim to call the interface. 2.Security verification is about to add this feature, the current sensitive information is fixed


  FlutterMimc flutterMimc;
  final String appAccount = "100";         // My IM account
  String groupID = "21351198708203520";    // Ordinary group Account id
  String maxGroupID = "21360839299170304"; // Unlimited group Account id
  bool isOnline = false;
  List<Map<String, String>> logs = [];
  TextEditingController accountCtr = TextEditingController();
  TextEditingController contentCtr = TextEditingController();

  void initState() {
    // init FlutterMimc


  // init
  void initFlutterMimc() async{
    flutterMimc = FlutterMimc.init(
      debug: true,
      appId: "xxxxxxxx",
      appKey: "xxxxxxxx",
      appSecret: "xxxxxxxx",
      appAccount: appAccount
    addLog("init== init success ");

  // login
  void login() async{
    await flutterMimc.login();

  // add log
  addLog(String content){
      "date": DateTime.now().toIso8601String(),
      "content": content
    setState(() {});

  // logout
  void logout() async{
    await flutterMimc.logout();

  // send message
  void sendMessage(int type){
    String id = accountCtr.value.text;
    String content = contentCtr.value.text;

    if(id == null || id.isEmpty || content == null || content.isEmpty){
      _scaffoldKey.currentState.showSnackBar(SnackBar(content: Text("id or content Parameter error"), backgroundColor: Colors.pink,));

    MimcChatMessage messageRes = MimcChatMessage();
    MimcMessageBena messageBena = MimcMessageBena();
    messageRes.timestamp = DateTime.now().millisecondsSinceEpoch;
    messageRes.bizType = "bizType";
    messageRes.fromAccount = appAccount;
    messageBena.timestamp = DateTime.now().millisecondsSinceEpoch.toString();
    messageBena.payload = base64Encode(utf8.encode(content));
    messageBena.version  = 0;
    messageBena.msgId  = "msgId";
    messageRes.message = messageBena;
    if(type == 0){
      messageRes.toAccount = id;
      addLog("send to$id: $content");
    }else if(type == 1){
      messageRes.topicId = int.parse(id);
      addLog("Send a normal group message: $content");
      messageRes.topicId = int.parse(id);
      addLog("Send unlimited group messages: $content");
      flutterMimc.sendGroupMsg(messageRes, isUnlimitedGroup: true);

  // get token
  void getToken() async{
    String token = await flutterMimc.getToken();
    addLog("Get token successfully:$token");

  // Get current account
  void getAccount() async{
    String account = await flutterMimc.getAccount();
    addLog("Get current account successfully:$account");

  // Get current status
  void getStatus() async{
    bool isOnline =  await flutterMimc.isOnline();
    addLog("Get current status:${isOnline ? 'Online' :'Offline'}");

  // Create a group
  void createGroup() async{
    var res = await flutterMimc.createGroup("ios_group_name", appAccount);
      addLog("Create group failed:${res['message']}" );
      groupID = res['data']['topicInfo']['topicId'];
      addLog("Create group success:${res['data']}");
    accountCtr.text = groupID;
    setState(() { });

  // Query group
  void queryGroupInfo() async{
    var res = await flutterMimc.queryGroupInfo(groupID);
      addLog("Query group failed:${res['message']}" );
      addLog("Query group success:${res['data']}");

  // Query group information
  void queryGroupsOfAccount() async{
    var res = await flutterMimc.queryGroupsOfAccount();
      addLog("Querying group info failed:${res['message']}" );
      addLog("Querying group info success:${res['data']}");

  // Invite users to join the group
  void joinGroup() async{
    var res = await flutterMimc.joinGroup(groupID, "101,102,103");
      addLog("Invite users to join group failed:${res['message']}" );
      addLog("Invite users to join group success:${res['data']}");

  // Non-group master user quit group
  void quitGroup() async{
    var res = await flutterMimc.quitGroup(groupID);
      addLog("Non-group master user quit group failed:${res['message']}" );
      addLog("Non-group master user quit group success:${res['data']}");

  // Kicking members out of the group
  void kickGroup() async{
    var res = await flutterMimc.kickGroup(groupID, "101,102,103");
      addLog("Kicking members out of the group failed:${res['message']}");
      addLog("Kicking members out of the group success:${res['data']}");

  // Group owner update group information
  void updateGroup() async{
    var res = await flutterMimc.updateGroup(groupID, newOwnerAccount: "", newGroupName: "New group name" + groupID, newGroupBulletin: "New announcement");
      addLog("Group owner update group information failed:${res['message']}" );
      addLog("Group owner update group information success:${res['data']}");

  // Group destroyer
  void dismissGroup() async{
    var res = await flutterMimc.dismissGroup(groupID);
      addLog("Group destroyer failed:${res['message']}" );
      addLog("Group destroyer success:${res['data']}");

  // Pull single chat message record
  void pullP2PHistory() async{
    int thisTimer = DateTime.now().millisecondsSinceEpoch;
    String fromAccount = appAccount;
    String toAccount = "101";
    String utcFromTime = (thisTimer - 86400000).toString();
    String utcToTime = thisTimer.toString();
    var res = await flutterMimc.pullP2PHistory(
      toAccount: toAccount,
      fromAccount: fromAccount,
      utcFromTime: utcFromTime,
      utcToTime: utcToTime
      addLog("Pull single chat message record failed:${res['message']}" );
      addLog("Pull single chat message record success:${res['data']}");

  // Pull group chat message record
  void pullP2THistory() async{
    int thisTimer = DateTime.now().millisecondsSinceEpoch;
    String account = appAccount;
    String topicId = groupID;
    String utcFromTime = (thisTimer - 86400000).toString();
    String utcToTime = thisTimer.toString();
    var res = await flutterMimc.pullP2THistory(
      account: account,
      topicId: topicId,
      utcFromTime: utcFromTime,
      utcToTime: utcToTime
      addLog("Pull group chat message record failed:${res['message']}" );
      addLog("Pull group chat message record success:${res['data']}");

  // create unlimited group
  void createUnlimitedGroup() async{
    await flutterMimc.createUnlimitedGroup("unlimitedGroup");
    addLog("create unlimited group" );

  // join unlimited group
  void joinUnlimitedGroup() async{
    await flutterMimc.joinUnlimitedGroup("21395272047788032");
    addLog("join unlimited group$maxGroupID" );

  // quit unlimited group
  void quitUnlimitedGroup() async{
    await flutterMimc.quitUnlimitedGroup("21395272047788032");
    addLog("quit unlimited group$maxGroupID" );

  // dismiss unlimited group
  void dismissUnlimitedGroup() async{
    await flutterMimc.dismissUnlimitedGroup(maxGroupID);
    addLog("dismiss unlimited group$maxGroupID" );

  // Query unlimited group members
  void queryUnlimitedGroupMembers() async{
    var res = await flutterMimc.queryUnlimitedGroupMembers(maxGroupID);
    addLog("Query unlimited group members: $res" );

  // unlimited group I am in
  void queryUnlimitedGroups() async{
    var res = await flutterMimc.queryUnlimitedGroups();
    addLog("unlimited group I am in: $res" );

  // Query the number of unlimited group of online users
  void queryUnlimitedGroupOnlineUsers() async{
    var res =  await flutterMimc.queryUnlimitedGroupOnlineUsers(maxGroupID);
    addLog("online count data:$res" );

      // unlimited group Basic Information
  void queryUnlimitedGroupInfo() async{
    var res =  await flutterMimc.queryUnlimitedGroupInfo(maxGroupID);
    addLog("unlimited group Basic Information:$res" );

  // update unlimited group Basic Information
  void updateUnlimitedGroup() async{
    var res =  await flutterMimc.updateUnlimitedGroup(maxGroupID, newGroupName: "newGroupName");
    addLog("update unlimited group Basic Information:$res" );
  // Get recent contact list
    void getContact() async{
      var res =  await flutterMimc.getContact(isV2: true);
      addLog("Get recent contact list:$res" );
    // join Black List
    void setBlackList() async{
      var res =  await flutterMimc.setBlackList("200");
      addLog("join Black List:$res" );
    // cancel Black List
    void deleteBlackList() async{
      var res =  await flutterMimc.deleteBlackList("200");
      addLog("cancel Black List:$res" );
    // the account is in Black List?
    void hasBlackList() async{
      var res =  await flutterMimc.hasBlackList("200");
      addLog("the account is in Black List?:$res" );
    // join group Black List
    void setGroupBlackList() async{
      var res =  await flutterMimc.setGroupBlackList(blackTopicId: "21351198708203520", blackAccount: "102");
      addLog("join group Black List:$res" );
    // cancel group Black List
    void deleteGroupBlackList() async{
      var res =  await flutterMimc.deleteGroupBlackList(blackTopicId: "21351198708203520", blackAccount: "102");
      addLog("cancel group Black List:$res" );
    // the account is in group Black List?
    void hasGroupBlackList() async{
      var res =  await flutterMimc.hasGroupBlackList(blackTopicId: "21351198708203520", blackAccount: "102");
      addLog("the account is in group Black List?:$res" );

  // =========add Event Listener==============

    // Listener login status
      isOnline = status;
        addLog("$appAccount====status changed====Online");
        addLog("$appAccount====status changed====Offline");
      setState(() {});

    // Receive a single chat
    flutterMimc.addEventListenerHandleMessage().listen((MimcChatMessage resource){
      String content =utf8.decode(base64.decode(resource.message.payload));
      addLog("get${resource.fromAccount}message: $content");
      setState(() {});

    // Receiving group chat
    flutterMimc.addEventListenerHandleGroupMessage().listen((MimcChatMessage resource){
      String content =utf8.decode(base64.decode(resource.message.payload));
      addLog("get group${resource.topicId}message: $content");
      setState(() {});

    // Send message callback
    flutterMimc.addEventListenerServerAck().listen((MimcServeraAck ack){
      addLog("Send message callback==${ack.toJson()}");

    // Send a single chat timeout
    flutterMimc.addEventListenerSendMessageTimeout().listen((MimcChatMessage resource){
      addLog("Send a single chat timeout==${resource.toJson()}");

    // Send group chat timeout
    flutterMimc.addEventListenerSendGroupMessageTimeout().listen((MimcChatMessage resource){
      addLog("Send group chat timeout==${resource.toJson()}");

    // Send unlimited group chat timeout
    flutterMimc.addEventListenerSendUnlimitedGroupMessageTimeout().listen((MimcChatMessage resource){
      addLog("Send unlimited group chat timeout==${resource.toJson()}");

    // Create a unlimited group callback
    flutterMimc.addEventListenerHandleCreateUnlimitedGroup().listen((Map<dynamic, dynamic> res){
      addLog("Create a unlimited group callback==${res}");
      maxGroupID = (res['topicId'] as int).toString();

    // join unlimited group callback
    flutterMimc.addEventListenerHandleJoinUnlimitedGroup().listen((Map<dynamic, dynamic> res){
      addLog("join unlimited group callback==${res}");

    // quit unlimited group callback
    flutterMimc.addEventListenerHandleQuitUnlimitedGroup().listen((Map<dynamic, dynamic> res){
      addLog("quit unlimited group callback==${res}");

    // Dismiss unlimited group callback
    flutterMimc.addEventListenerHandleDismissUnlimitedGroup().listen((Map<dynamic, dynamic> res){
      addLog("Dismiss unlimited group callback==${res}");


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