Basic plugin to extract the data (png tiles) from an .mbtiles file and automatically create the folder structure (../folder_name/{z}/{x}/{y}.png).



Import the dependency in the dart file you will use it.

   import 'package:flutter_mbtiles_extractor/mbtiles_extractor.dart';

In Android you need to add permissions to read and write in the storage of the device. In your project add the following lines to your AndroidManifest.xml file in your project's Android folder.

       <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"/>
       <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"/>

Remember that on API 23 and later you need to ask to the user to grant access for this permissions.

How to use

In the following example you can see how to realize a extraction of one file.

ExtractResult extractResult = await MBTilesExtractor.extractMBTilesFile(
        new ExtractRequest(
          "${dir.path}/volcan_villarica.mbtiles", //This is the name of the file i was testing.
          desiredPath: "${dir.path}/tiles/", //Example of final folder
          requestPermissions: true, //This is for Android 6.0+
          removeAfterExtract: true, //Deletes the +.mbtiles file after the extraction is completed
          stopOnError: true, //Stops is one tile could not be extracted
          returnReference: true, //Returns the list of tiles once the extraction is completed
          onlyReference: false, //If true the reference of tiles is returned but the extraction is not performed

The extraction will return an instance of ExtractResult that contains a code and data. The code determinate the extraction result and could be checked using the isSuccessful() function in ExtractResult class or could be done manually.

    if (extractResult.code == ExtractResult.RESULT_FILE_CORRUPT) {
      //The file could not be read because it was damaged

If the file was extracted successfully the data will contain the path to the folder where the tiles are stored.

    if (extractResult.isSuccessful()) {
        var folder= extractResult.data;
        //Do something

Progress can be tracked by registering the following stream

    StreamSubscription<dynamic> subscription = 
    MBTilesExtractor.onProgress().listen((dynamic event) {
        var percent = event['progress'] / event['total'];
        print("$event, $percent %");
   ExtractResult extractResult = await ...

Extra info

This plugin uses the extracted folder to generate a Google Maps like map so you could make a project that uses offline maps.


The Android part use a library to read the .mbtiles file. The original project for Java:


And the Android version:


NOTE: I included a compiled .jar of this library since it don't exist in Maven or JitPack (at least i couldn't find it). Consider update it if exists a new version.