MarkdownListItemCrossAxisAlignment enum

Enumeration of alignment strategies for the cross axis of list items.


baseline → const MarkdownListItemCrossAxisAlignment

Uses CrossAxisAlignment.baseline for the row the bullet and the list item are placed in.

This alignment will ensure that the bullet always lines up with the list text on the baseline.

However, note that this alignment does not support intrinsic height measurements because RenderFlex does not support it for CrossAxisAlignment.baseline. See for cases, where this might be a problem for you.

See also:

  • start, which allows for intrinsic height measurements.
const MarkdownListItemCrossAxisAlignment(0)
start → const MarkdownListItemCrossAxisAlignment

Uses CrossAxisAlignment.start for the row the bullet and the list item are placed in.

This alignment will ensure that intrinsic height measurements work.

However, note that this alignment might not line up the bullet with the list text in the way you would expect in certain scenarios. See for example cases that do not produce expected results.

See also:

  • baseline, which will position the bullet and list item on the baseline.
const MarkdownListItemCrossAxisAlignment(1)
values → const List<MarkdownListItemCrossAxisAlignment>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<MarkdownListItemCrossAxisAlignment>


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