fmtc_module_api library

Restricted API which exports internal functionality, necessary for the FMTC modules to work correctly

When importing this library, also import 'flutter_map_tile_caching.dart' for the full functionality set.

"With great power comes great responsibility" - Someone

This library forms part of a layer of abstraction between you, FMTC internals, and underlying databases. Importing this library removes that abstraction, making it easy to disrupt FMTC's normal operations with incorrect usage. For example, it is possible to force close an open Isar database, leading to an erroneous & invalid state.

If you are using this to create a custom module, go ahead! Please do get in touch, I'm always interested to hear what the community is making, and I may be able to offer some insight into the darker corners and workings of FMTC. Note that not necessarily all internal APIs are exposed through this library.

Do not use in normal applications. I may be unable to offer support.


Manages the stores available


DbMetadataSchema → const CollectionSchema<DbMetadata>
DbStoreDescriptorSchema → const CollectionSchema<DbStoreDescriptor>
DbTileSchema → const CollectionSchema<DbTile>