jSObjectMakeTypedArrayWithBytesNoCopy top-level property

Pointer<NativeType> Function(Pointer<NativeType> ctx, int arrayType, Pointer<Pointer<NativeType>> bytes, int byteLength, Pointer<NativeFunction<JSTypedArrayBytesDeallocator>> bytesDeallocator, Pointer<NativeType> deallocatorContext, Pointer<Pointer<NativeType>> exception) jSObjectMakeTypedArrayWithBytesNoCopy

Creates a JavaScript Typed Array object from an existing pointer. If an exception is thrown during this function the bytesDeallocator will always be called. ctx (JSContextRef) The execution context to use. arrayType (JSTypedArrayType) A value identifying the type of array to create. If arrayType is kJSTypedArrayTypeNone or kJSTypedArrayTypeArrayBuffer then NULL will be returned. bytes (void*) A pointer to the byte buffer to be used as the backing store of the Typed Array object. byteLength (size_t) The number of bytes pointed to by the parameter bytes. bytesDeallocator (JSTypedArrayBytesDeallocator) The allocator to use to deallocate the external buffer when the JSTypedArrayData object is deallocated. deallocatorContext (void*) A pointer to pass back to the deallocator. exception (JSValueRef*) A pointer to a JSValueRef in which to store an exception, if any. Pass NULL if you do not care to store an exception. @result (JSObjectRef) A JSObjectRef Typed Array whose backing store is the same as the one pointed to by bytes or NULL if there was an error.


final Pointer Function(
        Pointer ctx,
        int arrayType,
        Pointer<Pointer> bytes,
        int byteLength,
        Pointer<NativeFunction<JSTypedArrayBytesDeallocator>> bytesDeallocator,
        Pointer deallocatorContext,
        Pointer<Pointer> exception) jSObjectMakeTypedArrayWithBytesNoCopy =
                Pointer Function(Pointer, Int8, Pointer, Uint32, Pointer,
                    Pointer, Pointer)>>('JSObjectMakeTypedArrayWithBytesNoCopy')