Port from react-native-incall-manager

  • Handling media-routes/sensors/events during a audio/video chat on Flutter



start({media: ?string, auto: ?boolean, ringback: ?string}):smile::smile:start incall manager.
ringback accept non-empty string or it won't play
default: {media:'audio', auto: true, ringback: ''}
stop({busytone: ?string}):smile::smile:stop incall manager
busytone accept non-empty string or it won't play
default: {busytone: ''}
turnScreenOn():smile::rage:force turn screen on
turnScreenOff():smile::rage:force turn screen off
setKeepScreenOn(enable: ?boolean):smile::smile:set KeepScreenOn flag = true or false
default: false
setSpeakerphoneOn(enable: ?boolean):smile::rage:toggle speaker ON/OFF once. but not force
default: false
setForceSpeakerphoneOn(flag: ?boolean):smile::smile:true -> force speaker on
false -> force speaker off
null -> use default behavior according to media type
default: null
setMicrophoneMute(enable: ?boolean):smile::rage:mute/unmute micophone
default: false
p.s. if you use webrtc, you can just use track.enabled = false to mute
async checkRecordPermission():smile::smile:check record permission without promt. return Promise. see about permission section above
async requestRecordPermission():smile::smile:request record permission to user. return Promise. see about permission section above
startRingtone(ringtone: string, ?vibrate_pattern: array, ?ios_category: string, ?seconds: number):smile::smile:play ringtone.
ringtone: 'DEFAULT' or 'BUNDLE'
vibrate_pattern: same as RN, but does not support repeat
ios_category: ios only, if you want to use specific audio category
seconds: android only, specify how long do you want to play rather than play once nor repeat. in sec.
stopRingtone():smile::smile:stop play ringtone if previous started via startRingtone()
stopRingback():smile::smile:stop play ringback if previous started via start()
setFlashOn(enable: ?boolean, brightness: ?number):rage::smile:set flash light on/off
async getIsWiredHeadsetPluggedIn():rage::smile:return wired headset plugged in state


'Proximity':smile::smile:proximity sensor detected changes.
data: {'isNear': boolean}
'WiredHeadset':smile::smile:fire when wired headset plug/unplug
data: {'isPlugged': boolean, 'hasMic': boolean, 'deviceName': string }
'NoisyAudio':smile::rage:see andriod doc.
data: null
'MediaButton':smile::rage:when external device controler pressed button. see android doc
data: {'eventText': string, 'eventCode': number }
'onAudioFocusChange':smile::rage:see andriod doc
data: {'eventText': string, 'eventCode': number }