onUpdateVisitedHistory property Null safety

(void Function?(InAppWebViewController controller, Uri? url, bool? androidIsReload)?) onUpdateVisitedHistory

Event fired when the host application updates its visited links database. This event is also fired when the navigation state of the WebView changes through the usage of javascript History API functions (pushState(), replaceState()) and onpopstate event or, also, when the javascript window.location changes without reloading the webview (for example appending or modifying an hash to the url).

url represents the url being visited.

androidIsReload indicates if this url is being reloaded. Available only on Android.

Official Android API: https://developer.android.com/reference/android/webkit/WebViewClient#doUpdateVisitedHistory(android.webkit.WebView,%20java.lang.String,%20boolean)


final void Function(
        InAppWebViewController controller, Uri? url, bool? androidIsReload)?