onFindResultReceived property Null safety

(void Function?(InAppWebViewController controller, int activeMatchOrdinal, int numberOfMatches, bool isDoneCounting)?) onFindResultReceived

Event fired as find-on-page operations progress. The listener may be notified multiple times while the operation is underway, and the numberOfMatches value should not be considered final unless isDoneCounting is true.

activeMatchOrdinal represents the zero-based ordinal of the currently selected match.

numberOfMatches represents how many matches have been found.

isDoneCounting whether the find operation has actually completed.

Official Android API: https://developer.android.com/reference/android/webkit/WebView#setFindListener(android.webkit.WebView.FindListener)


final void Function(InAppWebViewController controller, int activeMatchOrdinal,
    int numberOfMatches, bool isDoneCounting)? onFindResultReceived;