onAjaxProgress property Null safety

(Future<AjaxRequestAction?> Function?(InAppWebViewController controller, AjaxRequest ajaxRequest)?) onAjaxProgress

Event fired as an XMLHttpRequest progress. It gives the host application a chance to abort the request.

ajaxRequest represents the XMLHttpRequest.

NOTE: In order to be able to listen this event, you need to set InAppWebViewOptions.useShouldInterceptAjaxRequest option to true. Also, unlike iOS that has WKUserScript that can inject javascript code right after the document element is created but before any other content is loaded, in Android the javascript code used to intercept ajax requests is loaded as soon as possible so it won't be instantaneous as iOS but just after some milliseconds (< ~100ms). Inside the window.addEventListener("flutterInAppWebViewPlatformReady") event, the ajax requests will be intercept for sure.


final Future<AjaxRequestAction?> Function(
        InAppWebViewController controller, AjaxRequest ajaxRequest)?