flutter_html_renderer library


Descriptor of the tag. This will pass a copy of the RenderingContext with hasAnchorParent=true to default rendering of child nodes, and wraps them in a GestureDetector. [...]
Descriptor of Html element. Provides information, about how should be widget rendered
descriptor. If src is youtube embed, it will render video using youtube_player_flutter
Descriptor for the tag. If src attribute is null or empty, returns empty Container [...]
descriptor. This will add padding after default rendering of child nodes
Current rendering context
Factory for rewriting HTML into widget sets. Despite changes in HTML5, this renderer uses HTML4 logic of block and inline elements. This is mainly because of simplicity. Block level elements are by default rendered wrapper of their inner content with no padding nor margin. Block level elements are always rendered on a new row. On contrary, inline elements are organized into flows. Inline elements in the same flow are rendered inside Row widgets. If there is block element as a sibling of inline elements, block element marks the end of the currentFlow. By applying same logic, block elements are rendered as single element in its own flow. [...]


LinkHandler = Future<bool> Function(String url)
Function that handles click on elements wrapped in