Flutter FTP Client

This plugin provide an simple API to FTP access and manager files, Common-net-3.6 based. Currently only available for android platform.

Getting Started

Config host

First provide the host config

  FlutterFtpClient.configHost(host, username, password, port);

Config path

Config the path and filename from download.

FlutterFtpClient.configFilePath(path, filename, extension,
        uploadPath: uploadPath);

Download File

The method getFile execute the download of file and return your filename. Use the filename to manipulate the file in your app.

   String filename = await FlutterFtpClient.getFile;

Upload File

The method uploadFile execute the upload of file to server.

    // Set destination path
    configFilePath(path, filename,
            extension: extension, uploadPath: uploadPath);

    /// Execute o upload file
    return FlutterFtpClient.uploadFile;