The flutter-form-field-validator package comes with several common validations and removes the boiler plate code from your project.


  • Contains several common validations
  • Supports chaining of validators to write concise code
  • Easy to use and removes boiler plate code from your project

Version compatibility

See CHANGELOG for changes.

Git hub

You can reference the git repo directly if you want:

git: https://github.com/srikanthmadasu/flutter_form_field_validator

Example Project

    validator: (value) {
        return FieldValidator('Abc')
            .minLength(1, 'min length is 1')
            .maxLength(10, 'max length is 10')
            .hasMinOneLowerCase('must have one lower case')
            .hasMinOneUpperCase('must have one upper case')
            .hasANumber('must have a number')
    onChanged: (val) => {}

For more detailed examples please check example project in the example folder.