EmojiKeyboard constructor

  1. {Key key,
  2. int column = 8,
  3. double height = 290.0,
  4. @required OnEmojiSelected onEmojiSelected,
  5. bool floatingHeader = false,
  6. Color color = Colors.white,
  7. CategoryIcons categoryIcons = const CategoryIcons(),
  8. CategoryTitles categoryTitles = const CategoryTitles()}

Creates a emoji keyboard widget.

column is number of columns in keyboard grid.

height of keyboard.

color color of keyboard, by default is Colors.white.

onEmojiSelected The callback function when emoji is pressed, Must not be null.

Emojis in keyboard are soreted by categories with header of categoryTitles

Keyboard has a header that contain all categoryIcons is a row and take postion by pressing the icon,

If floatingHeader is true then keyboard scrolls offscreen header as the user scrolls down the list.


  Key key,
  this.column = 8,
  this.height = 290.0,
  @required this.onEmojiSelected,
  this.floatingHeader = false,
  this.color = Colors.white,
  this.categoryIcons = const CategoryIcons(),
  this.categoryTitles = const CategoryTitles(),
}) : super(key: key);