Flutter Driver Helper

pub package

Utility for easy work with flutter_driver in UI / integration tests

Article with description (Russian).


  • With screens (Page Objects) we separate UI-elements from actions and can reuse these screens in several tests.
  • Also we get rid of await on every line, that was easy to forget to write.
  • Logging actions while testing

Full example is in example dir.


Flutter Driver Helper has several useful utilities for writing UI / integration tests.

From Android's point of view, Flutter Driver is like Espresso, while Flutter Driver Helper acts like Kakao.

Usual Flutter Driver test looks like

final list = find.byValueKey("list");
final item42 = find.byValueKey("item_42");
final secondScreen = find.byValueKey("second_screen");

await driver.tap(secondScreen);
await driver.waitForAbsent(item42);
await driver.scrollUntilVisible(list, item42);
await driver.waitFor(item42);
await driver.tap(find.pageBack());

This may be rewritten with Flutter Driver Helper to more readable style:

class MainScreen extends BaseScreen {
  MainScreen(FlutterDriver driver) : super(driver);

  DWidget get secondScreen => dWidget('second_screen');

class SecondScreen extends BaseScreen {
  SecondScreen(FlutterDriver driver) : super(driver);

  DWidget get list => dWidget("list");

  DScrollItem item(int index) => dScrollItem('item_$index', list);


final mainScreen = MainScreen(driver);
final secondScreen = SecondScreen(driver);

await runTestActions([
  secondScreen.item(42).scrollUntilVisible(dyScroll: -300),


Method runTestActions logs executed actions like this:

Running check result hasText summa = 0
Running setText 12 on field_1
Running check result hasText summa = 12
Running tap on field_2
Running take screenshot field_2_variants
Running tap on variant_4
Running check result hasText summa = 16
Running tap on button_snackbar
Running tap on variant_2
Running check result hasText summa = 5
Running scrollUntilVisible list item_42


For convenient screenshots making diring UI tests You can use Screenshoter.