Allows user pick a document.

In Android Intent.ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT is used. This intent is supported only from Android 19 (KitKat) SDK version. When file is picked its extension is checked using androidFileExtension parameter. Then file is copied to app cache directory by using TaskAsyncLoader. Copied file path is returned as result. If picked file extension mismatch extension provided by parameter extension_mismatch error is returned.

In iOS UIDocumentPickerViewController is used. Files can be filtered by UTI type using iosUtiType parameter. Picked file path is returned as result.


Plugin has two optional parameters to pick only specific document type: iosUtiType and androidFileExtension.

  • String iosUtiType (used only in iOS)

    In iOS Uniform Type Identifiers is used to check document types. If value is null "public.data" document type will be provided.

    More info: https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/qa/qa1587/_index.html

  • String androidFileExtension (used only in Android)

    In android file extension will be checked. If value is null - picked document extension will not be checked.


//Without parameters:
final path = await FlutterDocumentPicker.openDocument();

//With parameters:
FlutterDocumentPickerParams params = FlutterDocumentPickerParams(      
  androidFileExtension: "mwfbak",
  iosUtiType: "com.sidlatau.example.mwfbak",

final path = await FlutterDocumentPicker.openDocument(params: params);

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