This package is a flutter version of discord-logger-js. Refer: https://github.com/johnmelodyme/discord-logger-js

Android IOS
Requirement min 16 min 9.0



How to use?

  1. Installation Add flutter_discord_logger to pubspec.yaml, and hit command flutter pub get. or run flutter pub add flutter_discord_logger

      flutter_discord_logger: any
  2. Implementation Before implementing, make sure you uderstand the parameters.

    import 'package:flutter_discord_logger/flutter_discord_logger.dart';

Example of calling the widget:

   /// Init Discord
    late final Discord discord = Discord(
    /// Name of your webhook
        appName: 'app',

        /// Your Webhook url
        webhookUrl: webhook.text.toString(),

        /// Your message
        message: message.text.toString(),
        /// delay, default set to 1
        timer: 2, 


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