Flutter package to provide simple and extendible cache feature to be used in flutter applications.

Getting Started

Import CsCache as

Once imported make sure you have created CsCache instance ahead of time, before using getKey or setKey functions

### To set a key value
csCache.setKey(key: keyName, value: valueString, expireOn: expiryTimeInMillisecondsSinceEpoch);

### To get a key value
csCache.getKey(key: keyName);

### To remove a key value
csCache.removeKey(key: keyName);

### To purge all keys which might have been expired

### To clear all cache entrie (expired and non-expired)

## example code

class _MyHomePageState extends State { String cacheMessage = ""; final CsCache cache = new CsCache(); final String _cacheKey = "1111";

void _checkCache() { String cacheEntry = cache.getKey(key: _cacheKey); if(cacheEntry == null) cache.setKey(key: _cacheKey, value: DateTime.now().toString(), expireOn: DateTime.now().add(new Duration(seconds: 300)).millisecondsSinceEpoch); setState(() { cacheMessage = cacheEntry ?? "Cache entry not found"; }); }

void _removeCacheEntry(){ cache.removeKey(key: _cacheKey); _checkCache(); }

@override Widget build(BuildContext context) { return new Scaffold( appBar: new AppBar( title: new Text(widget.title), ), body: new Center( child: new Column( mainAxisAlignment: MainAxisAlignment.center, children: [ new Text( 'Cache has following value:', style: Theme.of(context).textTheme.title, ), new Text( '$cacheMessage', style: Theme.of(context).textTheme.body1, ),

        SizedBox(height: 50.0,),
          child: Text("Remove Cache Entry"),
          onPressed: _removeCacheEntry,
  floatingActionButton: new FloatingActionButton(
    onPressed: _checkCache,
    tooltip: 'Add cache entry',
    child: new Icon(Icons.add),
  ), // This trailing comma makes auto-formatting nicer for build methods.

} }