flutter_bugsnag is a library that helps to notify a Bugsnag project of a runtime application error. It is not platform-specific meaning the notifier will work on iOS, Android, or the web.

Getting Started

To notify bugsnag of all uncaught errors in the application:

  • At the root of the application, import the library using import 'package:flutter_bugsnag/flutter_bugsnag.dart';
  • Hook up an anonymous function to FlutterError.onError.
  • In the anonymous function, initialize BugsnagNotifier by passing it the bugsnag project API key.
  • Pass the FlutterErrorDetails (usually the first parameter of the anonymous function) exception and stack to the initialized notifier notify method.
main() {
  FlutterError.onError = (FlutterErrorDetails details) {
    BugsnagNotifier bugsnagNotifier = BugsnagNotifier('the_bugsnag_project_api_key');
    bugsnagNotifier.notify(details.exception, details.stack);


None Error Notification

It is possible to notify bugsnag of other less severer issues py passing a named argument to .notify

try {
  /// Erroring code
} catch (error, stackTrace) {
    severity: ErrorSeverity.warning,

Adding User Info to Error

To notify bugsnag of the user that experienced the issue, call .addUser on the notifier instance.

  userId: 'USR123',
  userName: 'John Doe',
  userEmail: 'john.doe@example.com',


There is a reported issue were FlutterError.onError is not called on some uncaught error cases. Some solutions have been suggested in the thread.