Getting Started

This package is use to develop app which use Bloc pattern clearer, quicker, easier by wrapping complicated bloc usage.


Using ProcessorProvider instead of BlockProvider for providing

+ event processor instance or
+ create processor instance for use in child widget.


void main() {
			 create: (BuildContext context) => AuthenticationEventProcessor(),
			 child: const App(),

Implement screen widget

  1. Create State extends ScreenDataState class. For ex: LoginScreenState

  2. Create Event extends ScreenEvent class. For ex: LoginScreenEvent

  3. Create Login screen and implement 4 function class LoginScreen extends CoreScreen<LoginScreenEvent, LoginScreenState, LoginEventProcessor> 3.1 handleDataStateChange: handle state change after processor handle event and change widget state. For ex: press login button --> process by processor --> processor change state to LoginFailure because of invalid of login data so we want to show Alert dialog for example, do it in this function.

     if (newState.error != null) {
       showAlertDialog(context, Text(state.error.message));

    3.2 createEventProcessor(State state): return EventToStateProcessor for use in this widget or its child. For ex just: return LoginEventProcessor(state); 3.3 initScreenState: state of screen when initial if (state.isLoading) LoadingIndicatorWidget() else Container() 3.4 buildScreen: for build screen ui base on data state. For ex: if state is state.isLoading is true then show ProgressBar

     ```if (state.isLoading) LoadingIndicatorWidget() else Container()```

    3.5 Other 2 method initScreen and disposeScreen 2 call back when init state screen and dispose state of Screen.

Dart Versions

  • Dart 2: >= 2.8.0