flutter_bloc_provider library


BLoCDisposer<BLoCT extends BLoCTemplate>
A StatefulWidget that wraps a child with a BLoCProvider and will automatically dispose of it when out of context.
Same as BLoCDisposer but can dispose of multiple BLoCs of multiple types at once.
Same as BLoCProvider but can provide multiple BLoCs of multiple types at once. BLoCProvider must still be used to retrieve the BLoC.
BLoCProvider<BLoCT extends BLoCTemplate>
An InheritedWidget that will make the bloc accessible to the child widget tree. This will not automatically be disposed of, for that functionality see BLoCDisposer. You can also retrieve a BLoC with the static of method by providing the BLoC type and a context that is below the BLoCProvider or BLoCDisposer class.

Exceptions / Errors