flutter_batteries library


Base class for immutable lists. Creates an unmodifiable list backed by source.
ListenableConsumer<Controller extends Listenable, Value extends Object?>
ListenableConsumer widget


BatteriesCodeUnitsX on Iterable<int>
BatteriesIterableX on Iterable<T>
Iterable extension methods.
BatteriesStreamX on Stream<Input>
Stream extension methods.
BatteriesStringX on String
String extensions.
ChangeNotifierSelectorExtension on Controller
Selects a specific value from the Listenable for subsequent use in the ValueListenableBuilder


ChangeNotifierFilter<Value> = bool Function(Value prev, Value next)
Filter for Listenable
ChangeNotifierSelector<Controller extends Listenable, Value> = Value Function(Controller controller)
Selector from Listenable
ListenableConsumerBuilder<Value extends Object?> = Widget Function(BuildContext context, Value value, Widget? child)
Builds a Widget when given a concrete value of a Listenable.
ListenableConsumerCondition<Value extends Object?> = bool Function(BuildContext context, Value prev, Value next)
Signature for the shouldRebuild function which takes the previous value and the current value and is responsible for returning a bool which determines whether to rebuild ListenableConsumer with the current value.
ListenableConsumerListener<Controller extends Listenable, Value extends Object?> = void Function(BuildContext context, Controller controller, Value prev, Value next)
Signature for the listener function which takes the BuildContext along with the value and is responsible for executing in response to value changes.