This package is used for implementing Backdrop widget in Flutter easily.

You can add properties like-

  • frontLayer
  • backLayer
  • frontHeader
  • borderRadius
  • shape
  • frontHeaderHeight
  • titleVisibleOnPanelClosed
  • frontPanelPadding
  • panelVisibleInitially
  • toggleFrontLayer
  • appBarLeadingMenuIcon
  • appBarAnimatedLeadingMenuIcon
  • appBarAutomaticallyImplyLeading
  • appBarTitle
  • appBarActions
  • appBarBackgroundColor
  • appBarIconTheme
  • appBarTextTheme
  • appBarCenterTitle
  • appBarTitleSpacing
  • appBarElevation

to manipulate the backdrop easily.

Each property has been defined in package.

Refer to the example to create something like this:

Result of example

Or modify the borderRadius property to get this:

Circular Border

Or modify titleVisibleOnPanelClosed property to get this:

Title visible or Title not visible