merge method

S2ChoiceStyle merge(
  1. S2ChoiceStyle? other

Returns a new S2ChoiceStyle that is a combination of this object and the given other style.


S2ChoiceStyle merge(S2ChoiceStyle? other) {
  // if null return current object
  if (other == null) return this;

  return copyWith(
    titleStyle: other.titleStyle,
    subtitleStyle: other.subtitleStyle,
    margin: other.margin,
    padding: other.padding,
    spacing: other.spacing,
    showCheckmark: other.showCheckmark,
    control: other.control,
    highlightColor: other.highlightColor,
    color: other.color,
    accentColor: other.accentColor,
    clipBehavior: other.clipBehavior,
    outlined: other.outlined,
    raised: other.raised,
    opacity: other.opacity,
    elevation: other.elevation,
    shape: other.shape,