A Flutter plugin for iOS and Android to use Appodel SDK in your apps

Getting Started

For help getting started with Flutter, view our online documentation.

For help on editing plugin code, view the documentation.

You need to configure your apps first you use this plugin. Please refer to Appodeal documentation to get your apps configured. If you have any problems configuring your Flutter project, please take a look to Example project in the plugin code.

Import the library via

import 'package:flutter_appodeal/flutter_appodeal.dart';

Declare your listener to get notified about RewardedVideos callbacks

  FlutterAppodeal.instance.videoListener = (RewardedVideoAdEvent event, {String rewardType, int rewardAmount}) {
    print("RewardedVideoAd event $event");
    setState(() {
      videoState = "State $event";

Initialize the plugin with your App Keys

  List<AppodealAdType> types = new List<AppodealAdType>();

   // You should use here your APP Key from Appodeal
   await FlutterAppodeal.instance.initialize(Platform.isIOS ? 'IOSAPPKEY' : 'ANDROIDAPPKEY', types);

And the you can use it in your code

  void loadInterstital() async {
    bool loaded = await FlutterAppodeal.instance.isLoaded(AppodealAdType.AppodealAdTypeInterstitial);
    if (loaded) {
      print("Interstitial not loaded");


You can use, for now, Interstitials and Rewarded Videos. And there is a way to get notified for the RewardedVideos callbacks