A more convenient way to search anime/manga torrent magnet in Flutter/Dart

Quick Start

It's quite easy to start a search by using this package

import 'package:flutter_anime_bittorrent_search/flutter_anime_bittorrent_search.dart';

void main() async {
  try {
    TorrentSearchResult result = await searchDMHY(animeName: 'Bocchi the rock');
    print('SearchTimeStamp: ${result.searchTime}');
    for (TorrentSearchResultItem item in result.results) {
      print(item.title ?? 'No title');
      print(item.magnet ?? 'No magnet');
  } on TorrentSearchInputException {
    print('Invalid Input');
  } catch (e) {

For more info, you can read the Full API Reference

Other Info


Until now, this package only support searching magnet on DMHY, we will consider adding more availble source platform in the future.