A new Flutter plugin to enable flutter developer get android activity lifecycle notifications from dart.

Getting Started

currently, this package supports three lifecycle notifications:

- OnStart
- OnResume
- OnPause

To use this package, all you have to do is

  • add flutter_android_lifecycle to your pubspec.yaml
  • change your MainActivity.java or MainActivity.kt to extend FlutterAndroidLifecycleActivity
  • Then you can start listening on notification lifecycle with these codes inside initState of your flutter application

for OnStart

    FlutterAndroidLifecycle.listenToOnStartStream().listen((_) {
          print("ONSTART CALLED");

for OnResume

    FlutterAndroidLifecycle.listenToOnResumeStream().listen((_) {
          print("ONRESUME CALLED");

for OnPause

    FlutterAndroidLifecycle.listenToOnPauseStream().listen((_) {
          print("ONPAUSE CALLED");


  • 0.0.1 Initial Upload
  • 0.0.1+2 Add swift version on podspec
  • 0.0.1+3 Add override onNewIntent to set new intent on Activity
  • 0.0.1+4 Upgrade kotlin version to 1.3.21


  • Angga Dwi Arifandi (anggadwiarifandi96@gmail.com)