Flutter Alien

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About the project

A package to get info about some social medias. Create to Universo Flutter


  • Get versions from Github from rss
  • Get Medium posts from rss
  • Get publish Youtube videos from rss
  • Roadmap in public Trello


  • Install package in pubspec.yaml
  • Import in your work file
  • Instance SocialService final socialService = SocialService.instance;
  • Init SocialService socialService.init();
  • Use methods to get infos

Build and run


  1. Clone repository with 'git clone' command or just download the zip. git clone git@github.com:flutteruniverse/flutter-planet.git
  2. Then, download either Android Studio or Visual Studio Code. For more information about Dart installation procedure, check the official install guide.
  3. Install dependencies from pubspec.yaml by running dart pub get from the project root.



If you want to take the time to make this project better, please read the contributing guides first. Then, you can open an new issue, of a pull request.


This project is licensed under the GNU GPL v3 License - see the LICENSE file for details.