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Library that provides a fluent way to use Notification Pattern. It is based on Flunt.


Create a contract

Create a contract for a attribute ou a class.

class Customer {
  final String firstName;
  final String lastName;

  Customer(this.firstName, this.lastName);

class NameContract extends Contract<String> {
  NameContract(String value, String name) : super(value, name) {
      isNotEmpty("not should be empty");
      hasMaxLen(40, "should have no more than 40 chars");
      hasMinLen(3, "should have at least 3 chars");

class CustomerContract extends Contract<Customer> {
    Customer customer,
  ) : super(customer, "Customer") {
    addNotifiable(NameContract(customer.firstName, "First Name"));
    addNotifiable(NameContract(customer.lastName, "Last Name"));

Use the contract

  var customer = Customer("Pedro", "Bissonho");
  var customerContract = CustomerContract(customer);

  if (customerContract.valid) {
    // The customer is valid and can be used.


O BrContract prove validações especificas para o Brasil.
// Métodos atualmente disponíveis.
isCep("O CEP não é válido.")
isCnpj("O CPNJ não é válido")
isCpf("O CPF não é válido");
The BrContract provides specific validations for brazil.
// Methods currently available.
isCep("O CEP not is valid.")
isCnpj("O CPNJ not is valid")
isCpf("O CPF not is valid");



void isGreaterThan(int compare, String message);
void isLowerThan(int compare, String message);
void between(num from, num to, String message);
void notBetween(num from, num to, String message);


void hasLen(int length, String message);
void hasMaxLen(int max, String message);
void hasMinLen(int min, String message);
void isWhiteSpace(String message); 
void constains(String value, String message);
void isNotEmpty(String message); 
void isEmpty(String message);


void isNull(String message)
void isNotNull(String message)
void equasA(Object compare, String message); 


void matchs(String pattern, String message);
void isUrl(String message);
void isEmail(String message);
void isDigit(String message);


void isTrue(String message);
void isFalse(String message); 


This library uses concepts and implementations based from the following repositories.


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