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A utility for cloning Flutter apps with local dependencies

flown will scan for and present available Flutter apps at a url. After the user selects an app, it will then recursively scan the app's pubspec.yaml for any local dependencies, copy the app and local dependencies to a new directory and install local dependencies.



A sample usage:

flown --arch vanilla --name vanilla_project

General usage

$ flown --help
usage: flown [--help] --arch <arch name> --name <project name>

sample usage: flown --arch vanilla --name vanilla_project

--arch=<arch name>             Available architectures:

      [bloc_flutter]           BloC pattern with Firestore backend.
      [built_redux]            Redux pattern with generated code.
      [firestore_redux]        Redux pattern with Firestore backend.
      [inherited_widget]       Inherited Widget pattern.
      [mvi_flutter]            MVI pattern with Firestore backend.
      [mvu]                    MVU pattern.
      [redurx]                 ReduRx pattern.
      [redux]                  Redux pattern.
      [scoped_model]           Scoped Model pattern.
      [simple_bloc_flutter]    Simple BloC pattern with Firestore backend.
      [vanilla]                Standard Flutter pattern.

--name=<project name>          Name of new project.
--help                         Display this help information.


pub global activate flown

Dependencies Flutter SDK should be installed. At minimum requires Dart. Also depends on git.

Features and bugs

Currently restricted to using Flutter apps found on

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.


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