flhooks library


Hook<V, S>
Hook is the same as a property in the State of a StatefulWidget. controller, store and dispose will be saved in the current State. [...]
HookBuilder is like a StatefulBuilder how build the builder function. Hooks function can be used only in the builder function. [...]
HookWidget is like a StatefulWidget how build the builder method. [...]
Is an hook state controller..


use<V, S>(HookTransformer<V, S> transformer) → V
use consume the transformer, return the Hook.controller of the Hook generated by the transformer, store the Hook in the current hooks context. [...]
useCallback(Function fn, List store) Function
Return the first reference to fn. [...]
useContext() BuildContext
Return the actual BuildContext [...]
useEffect(Function fn(), List store) → void
Exec fn at first call or if store change. If fn return a function, this will be called if store change or when the widget dispose. [...]
useMemo<V>(V fn(), List store) → V
Return the memoized value of fn. [...]
useState<V>(V initial) StateController<V>
Return an StateController with StateController.value as initial, or the latest set.. state.value = newValue Will trigger the rebuild of the StatefulBuilder. [...]


HookTransformer<V, S>(Hook<V, S>) Hook<V, S>
Define the type of an hook transformer function. [...]
HookWidgetBuilder(BuildContext) Widget
Define the type of a builder function how can use Hooks.