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Flutter Sound user: your documentation is there

The CHANGELOG file is here

This plugin provides simple recorder and player functionalities for

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Flutter Web

Flutter Sound V6.x is OUT

Please refer to the CHANGELOG.md file to get learn all the great new features. It has especially the following :

Flutter Web support

Flutter Sound is supported by Flutter Web. You can play with this live demo on the web (still cannot record with Safari or any web browser on iOS). You can read this.

Record to Dart Stream

This feature has been requested from many months from many, many, many Flutter Sound users. This open doors to things like feeding a Speech-to-Text engine.

You can refer to the Getting Started with Record-to-Stream notice.

Playback from a live Dart Stream

This feature has also been requested from many months from many Flutter Sound users.

You can refer to the Getting Started with Playback-from-Stream notice.



  • Play and Record sounds or music with various codecs. (See the supported codecs here)
  • Play local or remote files specified by their URL.
  • Record to a Dart Stream
  • Playback from a Dart Stream
  • The App playback can be controled from the device lock screen or from an Apple watch

Supported platforms

Flutter Sound is actually supported by :

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Flutter Web

Maybe, one day, we will be supported by Linux, Macos, and even (why not) Windows. But this is not top of our priorities.


You can find the changes here


The documentation is here


Flutter Sound is copyrighted by Dooboolab (2018, 2019, 2020). Flutter Sound is released under a license with a copyleft clause: the LGPL-V3 license. This means that if you modify some of Flutter Sound code you must publish your modifications under the LGPL license too.

Help Maintenance

My friend Hyo has been maintaining quite many repos these days and he is burning out slowly. If you could help him cheer up, buy him a cup of coffee will make his life really happy and get much energy out of it. As a side effect, we will know that Flutter Sound is important for you, that you appreciate our job and that you can show it with a little money.

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