xdrawer method

Widget xdrawer(
  1. {double elevation,
  2. String semanticLabel,
  3. Key key}


Widget xdrawer(

    /// The z-coordinate at which to place this drawer relative to its parent.
    /// This controls the size of the shadow below the drawer.
    /// Defaults to 16, the appropriate elevation for drawers. The value is
    /// always non-negative.
    final double elevation,

    /// The semantic label of the dialog used by accessibility frameworks to
    /// announce screen transitions when the drawer is opened and closed.
    /// If this label is not provided, it will default to
    /// [MaterialLocalizations.drawerLabel].
    /// See also:
    ///  * [SemanticsConfiguration.namesRoute], for a description of how this
    ///    value is used.
    final String semanticLabel,
    final Key key}) {
  return Drawer(
    elevation: elevation,
    key: key,
    semanticLabel: semanticLabel,
    child: this,