xNestedScrollView method

Widget xNestedScrollView(
  1. {ScrollController controller,
  2. Axis scrollDirection,
  3. bool reverse,
  4. ScrollPhysics physics,
  5. @required NestedScrollViewHeaderSliversBuilder headerSliverBuilder,
  6. Widget body,
  7. DragStartBehavior dragStartBehavior,
  8. Key key}


Widget xNestedScrollView({
  /// An object that can be used to control the position to which the outer
  /// scroll view is scrolled.
  final ScrollController controller,

  /// The axis along which the scroll view scrolls.
  /// Defaults to [Axis.vertical].
  final Axis scrollDirection,

  /// Whether the scroll view scrolls in the reading direction.
  /// For example, if the reading direction is left-to-right and
  /// [scrollDirection] is [Axis.horizontal], then the scroll view scrolls from
  /// left to right when [reverse] is false and from right to left when
  /// [reverse] is true.
  /// Similarly, if [scrollDirection] is [Axis.vertical], then the scroll view
  /// scrolls from top to bottom when [reverse] is false and from bottom to top
  /// when [reverse] is true.
  /// Defaults to false.
  final bool reverse,

  /// How the scroll view should respond to user input.
  /// For example, determines how the scroll view continues to animate after the
  /// user stops dragging the scroll view (providing a custom implementation of
  /// [ScrollPhysics.createBallisticSimulation] allows this particular aspect of
  /// the physics to be overridden).
  /// Defaults to matching platform conventions.
  /// The [ScrollPhysics.applyBoundaryConditions] implementation of the provided
  /// object should not allow scrolling outside the scroll extent range
  /// described by the [ScrollMetrics.minScrollExtent] and
  /// [ScrollMetrics.maxScrollExtent] properties passed to that method. If that
  /// invariant is not maintained, the nested scroll view may respond to user
  /// scrolling erratically.
  final ScrollPhysics physics,

  /// A builder for any widgets that are to precede the inner scroll views (as
  /// given by [body]).
  /// Typically this is used to create a [SliverAppBar] with a [TabBar].
  @required final NestedScrollViewHeaderSliversBuilder headerSliverBuilder,

  /// The widget to show inside the [NestedScrollView].
  /// Typically this will be [TabBarView].
  /// The [body] is built in a context that provides a [PrimaryScrollController]
  /// that interacts with the [NestedScrollView]'s scroll controller. Any
  /// [ListView] or other [Scrollable]-based widget inside the [body] that is
  /// intended to scroll with the [NestedScrollView] should therefore not be
  /// given an explicit [ScrollController], instead allowing it to default to
  /// the [PrimaryScrollController] provided by the [NestedScrollView].
  final Widget body,

  /// {@macro flutter.widgets.scrollable.dragStartBehavior}
  final DragStartBehavior dragStartBehavior,
  final Key key,
}) {
  return NestedScrollView(
    body: this,
    headerSliverBuilder: headerSliverBuilder,
    controller: controller,
    dragStartBehavior: dragStartBehavior ?? DragStartBehavior.start,
    key: key,
    physics: physics,
    reverse: reverse,
    scrollDirection: scrollDirection ?? Axis.vertical,