xSnackBar method

Widget xSnackBar(
  1. {Color backgroundColor,
  2. double elevation,
  3. ShapeBorder shape,
  4. SnackBarBehavior behavior,
  5. SnackBarAction action,
  6. Duration duration,
  7. Animation<double> animation,
  8. VoidCallback onVisible,
  9. EdgeInsetsGeometry margin,
  10. double width,
  11. EdgeInsetsGeometry padding}

The primary content of the snack bar.

Typically a Text widget.


Widget xSnackBar(

    /// The Snackbar's background color. If not specified it will use
    /// [ThemeData.snackBarTheme.backgroundColor]. If that is not specified
    /// it will default to a dark variation of [ColorScheme.surface] for light
    /// themes, or [ColorScheme.onSurface] for dark themes.
    final Color backgroundColor,

    /// The z-coordinate at which to place the snack bar. This controls the size
    /// of the shadow below the snack bar.
    /// Defines the card's [Material.elevation].
    /// If this property is null, then [ThemeData.snackBarTheme.elevation] is
    /// used, if that is also null, the default value is 6.0.
    final double elevation,

    /// The shape of the snack bar's [Material].
    /// Defines the snack bar's [Material.shape].
    /// If this property is null then [ThemeData.snackBarTheme.shape] is used.
    /// If that's null then the shape will depend on the [SnackBarBehavior]. For
    /// [SnackBarBehavior.fixed], no overriding shape is specified, so the
    /// [SnackBar] is rectangular. For [SnackBarBehavior.floating], it uses a
    /// [RoundedRectangleBorder] with a circular corner radius of 4.0.
    final ShapeBorder shape,

    /// This defines the behavior and location of the snack bar.
    /// Defines where a [SnackBar] should appear within a [Scaffold] and how its
    /// location should be adjusted when the scaffold also includes a
    /// [FloatingActionButton] or a [BottomNavigationBar]
    /// If this property is null, then [ThemeData.snackBarTheme.behavior]
    /// is used. If that is null, then the default is [SnackBarBehavior.fixed].
    final SnackBarBehavior behavior,

    /// (optional) An action that the user can take based on the snack bar.
    /// For example, the snack bar might let the user undo the operation that
    /// prompted the snackbar. Snack bars can have at most one action.
    /// The action should not be "dismiss" or "cancel".
    final SnackBarAction action,

    /// The amount of time the snack bar should be displayed.
    /// Defaults to 4.0s.
    /// See also:
    ///  * [ScaffoldState.removeCurrentSnackBar], which abruptly hides the
    ///    currently displayed snack bar, if any, and allows the next to be
    ///    displayed.
    ///  * <https://material.io/design/components/snackbars.html>
    final Duration duration,

    /// The animation driving the entrance and exit of the snack bar.
    final Animation<double> animation,

    /// Called the first time that the snackbar is visible within a [Scaffold].
    final VoidCallback onVisible,

    /// This property is only used when [behavior] is [SnackBarBehavior.floating].
    /// It can not be used if [width] is specified.
    /// If this property is null, then the default is
    /// `EdgeInsets.fromLTRB(15.0, 5.0, 15.0, 10.0)`.
    final EdgeInsetsGeometry margin,

    /// The width of the snack bar.
    /// If width is specified, the snack bar will be centered horizontally in the
    /// available space. This property is only used when [behavior] is
    /// [SnackBarBehavior.floating]. It can not be used if [margin] is specified.
    /// If this property is null, then the snack bar will take up the full device
    /// width less the margin.
    final double width,

    /// The amount of padding to apply to the snack bar's content and optional
    /// action.
    /// If this property is null, then the default depends on the [behavior] and
    /// the presence of an [action]. The start padding is 24 if [behavior] is
    /// [SnackBarBehavior.fixed] and 16 if it is [SnackBarBehavior.floating]. If
    /// there is no [action], the same padding is added to the end.
    final EdgeInsetsGeometry padding}) {
  return SnackBar(
    padding: padding,
    width: width,
    margin: margin,
    content: this,
    action: action,
    animation: animation,
    backgroundColor: backgroundColor,
    behavior: behavior,
    duration: duration,
    elevation: elevation,
    key: key,
    onVisible: onVisible,
    shape: shape,