Firestore Helper - use Firestore easier.

Helper package which abstracts Firestore APIs and expose most reusable methods.


After spending years with coding in Dart (Flutter) and using Firestore, I've realised that I'm writing tons
of same code over and over again. Within the same project or a new one.

Within long period of time, I've shaped this library internally (back then - a class), trying to make it as flexible as reusable
to my needs. It is now successfully being reused in many of my projects thus I've decided to share it with everyone.
I believe it can be extremely easy entry point for many folks starting to integrate Flutter with Firestore. As leveraging
real-time updates have never been easier.


In order to run example app on your device:

  1. Create a new firebase project;
  2. Enable Firestore (simple click on it, select the server and voilia);
  3. Create a new project for Android/iOS device (package must be called com.firestorehelper) and put files (google-services.json/GoogleService-Info.plist) into right directories;
  4. Build the app. Now you are having a fully running DEMO app.


Video below demonstrates CRUD and real-time listening capabilities using this package and Firestore.


Just a few methods to quickly show this package capabilities. Watch full demo for in-depth dive.

Add new document

"Add new document - real-time"

Update existing document

"Update existing document - real-time"

Remove document

"Remove document - real-time


  • Add Document To Collection
  • Add Document To SubCollection
  • Remove Document From Collection
  • Remove Document From SubCollection
  • Update Document in Collection
  • Update Document in SubCollection
  • Remove Documents from Collection by Query
  • Listen for a Document in Collection
  • Listen for a Document in SubCollection
  • Listen for a Query
  • Get list of Items
  • Get an Item
  • Check if more items are available

Extra Features

Feature requests are welcome. Please file an issue.



Initialise helper.

final FirestoreHelper _firestoreHelper = FirestoreHelper(
    includeAdditionalFields: true,
    isLoggingEnabled: !kReleaseMode,
  • includeAdditionalFields
    it will include createdAt and updatedAt fields to every single document.

    • createdAt is only included once document is being created.
    • updatedAt is included when document is created. Its value is updated with current time when particular document is updated.
  • isLoggingEnabled
    enables extra logging, which helps to debug faster. It is recommended to disable logging in production builds, thus we simply specify that if build is in release mode - logs won't be enabled. Otherwise - logs will be enabled.

Data manipulation

For various CRUD operations, simply use exposed methods from FirebaseHelper. For example:

bool isSuccess = await _firestoreHelper.addDocument([collection], update);

bool isSuccess = await _firestoreHelper.addDocumentWithId([collection, documentId], update);

bool isSuccess = await _firestoreHelper.deleteDocument([collection, documentId, subCollection, subCollectionDocumentId]);

T? item = await _firestoreHelper.getDocument<T>([collection, documentId], logReference, onDocumentSnapshot: onDocumentSnapshot);

List<T>? items = await _firestoreHelper.getDocuments<T>(query: query, logReference: logReference, onDocumentSnapshot: onDocumentSnapshot);

Methods are equipped with logging mechanism which will give you much faster way of catching any potential bugs.

Data listening (Real-Time)

For data listening, streamSubscription is exposed which let's you take over control over it by yourself.
You can have it on page lifecycle or provider lifecycle. Don't forget to dispose it once you are not using it anymore!

Example for page lifecycle:

your stateful widget
  // Declaring list where we will store all of the subscriptions.
  final List<StreamSubscription> _streamSubscriptions = [];

  void initState() {
    // Initialise subscriptions for real-time updates.
    final StreamSubscription streamSubscription = _firestoreHelper.listenToDocumentsStream(
        logReference: 'some helpful message',
        query: FirebaseFirestore.instance.collection(myCollectionName),
        onDocumentChange: (documentChange) {
          setState(() {
            switch (documentChange.type) {
              case DocumentChangeType.added:
                // Do something when item was added.
              case DocumentChangeType.modified:
                // Do something when item was updated.
              case DocumentChangeType.removed:
                // Do something when item was removed.
    // Add subscription to the list.

  void dispose() {
    // Cancel all subscriptions.
    _streamSubscriptions.forEach((element) {

List of StreamSubscription is very useful here, because once we have a pagination, we will continuously
add new StreamSubscriptions there in order to have all real-time updates for every single visible item.

By the way - to understand if we can continue paginate, use

bool areMoreItemsAvailable = await _firestoreHelper.areMoreDocumentsAvailable(query: query, lastDocumentSnapshot: lastDocumentSnapshot, onDocumentSnapshot: onDocumentSnapshot);


You can follow modelling from DEMO project - this way you can very easily parse changes from Firestore. For instance, when listening to document changes, use

  factory Note.fromFirestore(DocumentSnapshot documentSnapshot) {
    final Map<String, dynamic> data = as Map<String, dynamic>;
    final Note note = _$NoteFromJson(data);

    note.documentSnapshot = documentSnapshot;
    return note;

And when listening for query changes use

 factory Note.fromFirestoreChanged(DocumentChange documentChange) {
    final Map<String, dynamic> data = as Map<String, dynamic>;
    final Note note = _$NoteFromJson(data);

    note.documentSnapshot = documentChange.doc;
    note.documentChangeType = documentChange.type;
    return note;


If you find this package helpful, donations are welcome!

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