Welcome to FireFlutter – your ultimate toolkit for building dynamic, feature-rich social community and content management apps with ease! Our package, designed specifically for Flutter developers, offers a comprehensive, open-source solution to effortlessly create a variety of applications. Whether you're aiming to develop a robust CMS (Content Management System), a vibrant social networking service, an interactive chat platform, a lively community forum, or even a bustling online shopping mall, FireFlutter is your go-to resource. Powered by Firebase, this package not only simplifies the development process but also accelerates it, enabling you to bring your creative ideas to life faster than ever. Join us in revolutionizing app development – with FireFlutter, the possibilities are endless!

Please, create an issue if you find a bug or need a help.


The goal of FireFlutter is to provide the reusable common code blocks encapsulating in the widgets. So, developer can quickly develop what they want using this package.

It provides code for user, forum, chat and push notificiation management that works with like, favorite, follow, post and comment features.

There are some pre-defined fields for the common usage in the database structure. We use json_serializable for providing each model with the fields.

The model has also basic CRUD functionalities.