Firebase Crashlytics Legacy 0.4.0+2 for Flutter

This is a forked legacy version which fixes the issue [firebase_crashlytics 'Flutter/Flutter.h' file not found #5440](

The fix: add s.dependency 'Flutter' under: do |s|
  s.dependency 'Flutter'
  s.dependency 'firebase_core'
  s.dependency 'Firebase/Crashlytics', firebase_sdk_version

... in the file ios/firebase_crashlytics.podspec.

The version of the last legacy release of Firebase Crashlytics was 0.4.0+1, which did not include the fix. The fix was included in a later null-safe version (v2.0.0).

However, using that version may cause unresolvable conflicts with other dependencies. This fork is to provide the fix in a legacy compatible version. This forked version is 0.4.0+2 for consistency.

A Flutter plugin to use the Firebase Crashlytics API.

To learn more about Crashlytics, please visit the Firebase website

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