saveFile method Null safety

Future<String?> saveFile(
  1. {String? dialogTitle,
  2. String? fileName,
  3. FileType type = FileType.any,
  4. List<String>? allowedExtensions}

Opens a save file dialog which lets the user select a file path and a file name to save a file.

This function does not actually save a file. It only opens the dialog to let the user choose a location and file name. This function only returns the path to this (non-existing) file.

This method is only available on desktop platforms (Linux, macOS & Windows).

dialogTitle can be set to display a custom title on desktop platforms. fileName can be set to a non-empty string to provide a default file name. The file type filter type defaults to FileType.any. Optionally, allowedExtensions might be provided (e.g. [pdf, svg, jpg].). Both parameters are just a proposal to the user as the save file dialog does not enforce these restrictions.

Returns null if aborted. Returns a Future<String?> which resolves to the absolute path of the selected file, if the user selected a file.


Future<String?> saveFile({
  String? dialogTitle,
  String? fileName,
  FileType type = FileType.any,
  List<String>? allowedExtensions,
}) async =>
    throw UnimplementedError('saveFile() has not been implemented.');