A flutter package for viewing a list of local files in the form of clickable thumbnails.


  • Covers different file types
  • Presents the thumbnails for different types of files
  • Preview of the file by clicking on the thumbnail
  • Dynamically Remove files from list and handle it back in the parent widget

Getting Started


//Either one of the attachmentList or filePaths should be passed

final List<File> attachmentList; // the list of files to be displayed
final List<String> filePaths; // the list of local filepaths of files to be displayed
final Function removeImage; // An optional function parameter to handle file removal from the list of files/filepaths in parent widget
final String videoFileImage; //The thumbnail image for video thumbnail to be used instead of default
final double width; //Pass width for the widget
final double height; //Pass height for the widget


FileListPreviewer( removeImage: _removeImage, attachmentList: attachmentList, filePaths: fileattachmentList, ),