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This is a simple package for generating dart:ffi bindings.

You can contribute at github.com/dart-interop/ffi_tool.

The advantages over handwritten dart:ffi code are:

  • Less boilerplate
    • You don't have to define multiple types for each C function.
    • You can require the generated code to use cupertino_ffi reference counting methods (arcPush, arcPop, arcReturn).
  • Source code readability
    • You can use the original identifiers (such as *size_t instead of Pointer<IntPtr>).
    • You can define aliases, e.g. const len_t = 'int32';.

Getting started

1.Add dependency

In pubspec.yaml:

  ffi_tool: ^0.2.5

Run pub get.

2.Write a script

Create tool/generate_example.dart:

import 'package:ffi_tool/c.dart';
import 'dart:io';

void main() {
  // Generates source code and runs 'dartfmt'
  generateFile(File('lib/src/generated.dart'), library);

final library = const Library(
  // Where the library is found?
  dynamicLibraryPath: 'path/to/library',

  // Optional imports
  importedUris: {

  /// List of generated functions, structs, and global variables
  elements: <Element>[
    // A definition for a function in C
      name: 'Example',
      parameterTypes: ['int32', 'float32', '*void'],
      returnType: 'void',

    // A definition for a struct in C
      name: 'ExampleStruct',
      fields: [
          name: 'length',
          type: 'size_t',

    // A definition for a global variable in C
      name: 'ExampleGlobal',
      type: 'Int32',

3.Run the script

If you use Dart SDK, run:

pub run tool/generate_example.dart

If you use Flutter SDK, run:

flutter pub run tool/generate_example.dart


Generates 'dart:ffi' bindings for C libraries.