Fancy Tab

It is fancy and beautiful tab bar design.It is highly customisable and easy to use with PageView.builder.

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🌟 Installing

    fancy_tab: ^0.0.4

⚡️ Import

import 'package:fancy_tab/fancy_tab.dart';
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📙 How To Use

Available Parameters

Key? key,
required this.selected,
required this.labelsList,
required this.length,
this.textDirection = TextDirection.ltr,
this.selectedColor = const Color(0xFF2196F3),
this.unSelectedColor = const Color(0xA69E9E9E),
this.selectedTextColor = const Color(0xFFFFFFFF),
this.unSelectedTextColor = const Color(0xFF7A7A7A),
this.borderColor = const Color(0xFF000000),
this.separator = 5,
this.tabBarHeight = 50,
Parameter Datatype Initial Value
selected int null
labelsList List null
length int null
onTap void Function?(int)? null
textDirection TextDirection? TextDirection.ltr
selectedColor Color? Color(0xFF2196F3)
unSelectedColor Color? Color(0xA69E9E9E)
selectedTextColor Color? Color(0xFFFFFFFF)
unSelectedTextColor Color? Color(0xFF7A7A7A)
borderColor Color? Color(0xFF000000)
separator double? 5.0
tabBarHeight double? 50.0


If you encounter any problem or the library is missing a feature feel free to open an issue. Feel free to fork, improve the package and make pull request.