conferenceNames top-level constant

List<String> const conferenceNames


const conferenceNames = [
  'Social Mobile Payments Americas',
  'LatAm HSE in Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals',
  'LatAm Pipeline Integrity Management Summit',
  '1st UK Festival de Orquestas',
  'Argentina Mining 2010',
  'Yet Another Perl ConferenceBrasil 2009',
  'Datacentre Investment Forum',
  'Health 2.0 Europe 2012',
  '4th Annual Baltic Energy Summit',
  'Innovative Marketing in Hospitality',
  'Autumn Conference on European State Aid Law 2012',
  'Met Coke World Summit 2012',
  'Platts 16th annual Mexican Energy conference',
  'Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show',
  '18th Annual Sloan Consortium International Conference on Online Learning',
  'Reserve Estimation for Unconventional Resources 2012',
  'An Introduction to FDAas Regulation of Over-the-Counter (OTC) Drug Products',
  'Open Networking Summit 2012',
  'Device Master Record Device History Record a requirements, contents and implementation - Webinar',
  'The Canadian Instituteas 7th Annual Forum on PAYMENTS COMPLIANCE IN CANADA',
  'The 2010 Caribbean New Media Conference Expo.',
  'One Night Only Vegan Caribbean Night Extravaganza with Chef Mayra',
  'International Real Estate Expo Puerto Rico',
  '2nd International Caribbean Symposium in Arts Education The Practice Prospects of Arts Education',
  'Oxford Latin American Studies Conference',
  'Military Vehicles Latin America',
  'Rail Infrastructure Middle East 2010',
  'Carbon Markets Mexico Central America',
  'Sixth Annual Conference on Latin America Private Equity',
  'Conference on Illinois History',
  'Exploration Production Technology Summit 2011',
  'The Canadian Institutes Forum on Privacy Law Compliance',
  '4th Annual Utility Scale Solar 2011',
  'BioPharm America 2011',
  'Restaurant Development Summit',
  'IEEE Long Island Systems, Applications, and Techology Conference',
  'Dow Jones Global Compliance Symposium 2011',
  'The Canadian Institutes Eastern Canada Shale Gas Symposium',
  'Dealing With Harassment in the Workplace - HR Webinar By ComplianceOnline',
  '2nd Annual Concentrated Photovolatic Summit USA (CPV USA 2010)',