A useful collection of static extension methods on basic Dart types. See the examples/ directory for some runnable example usages.


Methods are organized below by the type that they extend on. Note that the type headings below aren't necessarily valid syntax, they're just for human consumption.


  • genericClamp - clamp any suitable Comparable value


  • bracket - add values at the beginning and end of an iterable
  • interleave - insert values between elements of an iterable


Dead simple if you're accustomed to Dart development. Get dependencies (there are only dev dependencies, by design) with pub get. Run the tests with pub run test.

Please be sure to document any methods you add. Also add them to the readme (above) and to the examples/ directory. Thanks!


This repository uses dart_dev to simplify developer tooling. This means that the following shortcuts are available. These are also used in CI for consistency. You don't have to do things this way, it's just a helpful option. You do you.

  • pub run dart_dev analyze - run the analyzer
  • pub run dart_dev format - run the formatter
  • pub run dart_dev test - run the tests


Please file feature requests and bugs on GitHub.