exportImage method Null safety

Future<List<File>> exportImage(
  1. String? filePath,
  2. int number,
  3. double quality

Returns the file list of the exporting image

  • parameters:
    • filePath: file path of video
    • number: export the number of frames
    • quality: scale of export frame."0" is lowest,"1" is origin.("0" is scale for 0.1 in android)


static Future<List<File>> exportImage(
    String? filePath, int number, double quality) async {
  var para = {"filePath": filePath, "number": number, "quality": quality};
  final List<dynamic> list = await _channel.invokeMethod('exportImage', para);
  var result = list
      .map((path) => File.fromUri(Uri.file(path)))
  return result;