Expandable Card

This is a Flutter Widget that makes it easy to build a page with a bottom Card that can be expanded on user drag.

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How to use it

Use ExpandableCardPage for the body of your Scaffold. This widget will take two attributes:

  • Widget page: which is the default page in the background
  • ExpandableCard expandableCard: which is the bottom card itself. You can call the ExpandableCard constructor to build one.

ExpandableCard constructor has a few attributes:

  • EdgeInsetsGeometry padding: padding inside the card. Default value is EdgeInsets.all(15)
  • double minHeight: default height of the card when it's not expanded. Default value is 200
  • double maxHeight: height of the card when it's fully expanded. Default value is 500
  • bool hasShadow: determines whether the card has box shadow or not. Default is true
  • Color backgroundColor: background color of the card. Default is Colors.blueGrey
  • bool hasRoundedCorners: determines whether the card has rounded corners or not. Default is false
  • bool hasHandle: will add a little handle icon. Default is true
  • List<Widget> Children: Widgets that make the actual content of the card

Future Implementations:

  • AnimatedExpandableCard: will allow animation between closed state and expanded state.
  • Add suport for scrolling card when its fully expanded