Err router

pub package

A logs router that can pop messages to the device screen. Based on the err package for errors management. The messages can be routed to:

  • Terminal and on device console
  • Flash messages
  • Snackbar messages


Initialize the logger

   import 'package:err_router/err_router.dart';

   final ErrRouter log = ErrRouter();

Create an error with the Err class and log it to console:

   final err = Err.error("Network error");

Console messages


The console method prints an error and save it to history


Accepted arguments: any object, string or an Err instance. Pass it an Exception or Error to get the stacktrace printed in the message

The Err class constructors all accept a userMessage parameter. Use it to separate the technical message for the developer from the user friendly message for the user:

   /// let's say we have an exception [e]
   final err = Err.error(e, userMessage: "Can not connect to x");
   log.scren(err, context);

The message displayed to user will be the one from userMessage

Snackbar messages

   log.screen(err, context);


Flash messages



The flash messages are toast messages. They stay one second on the screen


To access the history:

   final List<Err> history = log.history;

On device console

Navigate to DeviceConsolePage(log) to see the console on the device

Libraries used