Dart EOF Podcast Feed is a Open Source library available at https://github.com/luizeof/dart-eof-podcast-feed to parse Podcast Feed.



  • Parse a Podcast Feed with Name, URL, Copyright, Author, Cover and Description.
  • Parse a Episode from Feed with Title, Cover, Media URL, Date and Description.

Getting started

import 'package:eof_podcast_feed/eof_podcast_feed.dart';

The EOFPodcast class has a static method fromFeed that return a EOFPodcast object.

void main() async {

  // Start the Object with `fromFeed` static method
  var podcast =
      await EOFPodcast.fromFeed('https://FEEDURL');

  // You can access the Podcast Details
  print('Podcast Autor: ' + podcast.author);
  print('Podcast Title: ' + podcast.title);
  print('Podcast Link: ' + podcast.url);
  print('Podcast Has Episode: ' + podcast.hasEpisodes.toString());
  print('Podcast Episode Count: ' + podcast.countEpisodes.toString());
  print('Podcast Playback: ' + podcast.playbackState.toString());

You can access a List of EOFEpisode on podcast.episodes property:

  // And navigate on Episodes List
  var episode = podcast.episodes.first;

  print('Episode Title: ' + episode.title);
  print('Episode Description: ' + episode.description);
  print('Episode PubDate: ' + episode.pubDate);
  print('Episode Url: ' + episode.url);
  print('Episode Cover: ' + episode.cover);
  print('Episode Playback: ' + episode.playbackState.toString());



Please see the Changelog page to know what's recently changed.


Feel free to contribute to this project.

If you find a bug or want a feature, but don't know how to fix/implement it, please fill an issue.

If you fixed a bug or implemented a feature, please send a pull request.

Coding Style

Follow the Default Code Style and use the Dart Analizer tool:

dartanalyzer --options analysis_options.yaml .

The production Dart Analizer log is here.