sendMessageText method Null safety

Future<SmtpResponse> sendMessageText(
  1. String text,
  2. MailAddress from,
  3. List<MailAddress> recipients,
  4. {bool use8BitEncoding = false}

Sends the specified message text from to the recipients.

In contrast to the other methods the text is not modified apart from the padding of <CR><LF>.<CR><LF> sequences. Set use8BitEncoding to true for sending a UTF-8 encoded message body.


Future<SmtpResponse> sendMessageText(
    String text, MailAddress from, List<MailAddress> recipients,
    {bool use8BitEncoding = false}) {
  if (recipients.isEmpty) {
    throw SmtpException(this, SmtpResponse(['500 no recipients']));
  return sendCommand(SmtpSendMailTextCommand(
      text, use8BitEncoding, from, =>;