MessageBuilder constructor Null safety

  1. {String? text,
  2. TransferEncoding transferEncoding = TransferEncoding.automatic,
  3. CharacterSet? characterSet,
  4. ContentTypeHeader? contentType,
  5. HeaderEncoding subjectEncoding = HeaderEncoding.Q}

Creates a new message builder and populates it with the optional data.

Set the plain text part with text encoded with encoding using the given characterSet. You can also set the complete contentType and specify a contentTransferEncoding. Finally you can set the subjectEncoding, defaulting to quoted printable.


    {String? text,
    TransferEncoding transferEncoding = TransferEncoding.automatic,
    CharacterSet? characterSet,
    ContentTypeHeader? contentType,
    this.subjectEncoding = HeaderEncoding.Q})
    : super(MimeMessage(),
          text: text,
          transferEncoding: transferEncoding,
          characterSet: characterSet,
          contentType: contentType) {
  _message = _part as MimeMessage;